The Wildman School of Bushcraft

Adult Courses

Although youth today are recognized as being the focus of Nature Deficiency Disorder (please see our page on NDD ) our culture has lead us from countryside living to working in towns and cities and adults too need to learn to reconnect with our woodland heritage. Our forefathers knew the value of bushcraft skills, whether laying a fire in the hearth, bulding a shelter that can keep your family warm and dry, hunting and tracking or even making jams from hedgerow berries, unfortunately these skills may soon be lost through the generations. Our courses offer you a chance to reforge and strengthen that chain of knowledge so that you can equip yourself and pass on your newfound skills to future generations.

We try to offer as varied a course content as we can, so course modules can be altered to suit individuals - so if you want to spend the whole day just learning firelighting, or a week covering all aspects of bushcraft, then that is something we can make happen for you.

Please see Course Content on how to create the perfect experience for you