The Wildman School of Bushcraft


Here at The Wildman School of Bushcraft we specialise in re-engaging young people back to an understanding of nature, an increasing amount of young people are becoming what is now termed as Nature Deficient, this disorder is not a medical condition — it describes our lack of a relationship to the environment.  It impacts on our children, our families, our communities and our environment. Please see our Nature Deficiency Disorder page for more information

With this in mind we strive to deliver fact filled, fun and sustainable bushcraft and woodland living courses in a variety of formats to suit most groups.  Whether this is in an evening taster event looking at a few activities or a 1 day format where you can choose from a list of activities to create the perfect programme for your event or in repeat courses looking at one activity at a time spread over time period of your choosing.

So if your School, College, Youth group or Church would like to work with us towards creating a more nature connected generation of young people then please contact us.

For more information and price list please download our
Youthwork and Education Information Pack