The Wildman School of Bushcraft

Youth Courses

Here at The Wildman School of Bushcraft we specialise in re-engaging young people back to an understanding of nature. An increasing amount of young people are becoming what is now termed as Nature Deficient, this disorder is not a medical condition — it describes our lack of a relationship to the environment.  It impacts on our children, our families, our communities and our environment. Please see our Nature Deficiency Disorder page for more information.

We aim to provide young people, interested in bushcraft, a place where they can practice there skills in a safe, controlled enviroment. Young people can either attend one of our adult courses with a parent or guardian or a member of staff would have to be asssigned to them or book a session with a group of friends. We may also be able to add them to an exisiting youthwork project where possible.

Please see Course Content on how to create the perfect experience for you

Please see Youthwork for more information on our youthwork projects